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Unpopular Social Commentator Removed from Distinguished Professor Position Two Days after his Appointment

According to an article published in Epoch Times, on June 22, Sima Nan, the unpopular leftist social commentator, posted an offer letter received from Renmin University to be a distinguished professor in its newly established China Painting Research Institute for a three-year term. The appointment soon received strong criticism and objections from the students, faculty members, and university alumni. The university withdrew the appointment letter two days later. The official notice that the university issued cited the reasons for the withdrawal as a loophole in its approval process. The article pointed out that the withdrawal of the offer from the University made Si the most short-lived distinguished professor.

It is a case that the public opinion worked in China, which has been rare to see in the past.

Epoch Times, June 25, 2017
Baidu, June 24, 2017