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Global Times: The United States Is Unreliable; China and Russia Are True Friends

China’s state media Global Times published an opinion article stating that the China-Russia comprehensive strategic partnership for cooperation is an extremely important diplomatic asset for both countries. It proposed that China and Russia should continue to move forward in the direction of an all-around strategic partnership.

The article stated, “The same day that Chinese leaders received a call from Washington, they left for Moscow, arriving three days later. Inevitably they let the public relations between China and the United States continue with China to make contact. Thinking about the twists and turns that happened between China and the United States in the previous week, they looked at the long-term stability of the China-Russian relationship. China does not know how many people cannot help but think that the United States is still unreliable but that China and Russia are real friends.”

“The China-Russia comprehensive strategic partnership of cooperation is true to its name. The two countries have reached a high level of strategic mutual trust; leadership exchanges are like visiting relatives. Since becoming president, Xi has visited Russia six times. Xi and Putin have met together a total of 21 times.”

“Both China and Russia have a very positive attitude toward the development of China’s and Russia’s strategic cooperation with each other. It is not for a temporary purpose; both countries regard the relationship with the other side as a strategic ballast stone to deal with the complex world. The China-Russia comprehensive strategic partnership of cooperation is an extremely important diplomatic asset for both countries.”

“Washington has not given up on the idea of ‘transforming’ China; its attitude towards China’s policies is very complicated. On the one hand, they want to maximize the interests of the United States through Sino-U.S. economic cooperation. On the other hand, and at the same time, they want to restrict China strategically to ensure that the U.S. has the absolute advantage in security.”

“One cannot be impulsive in thinking the worst about Sino-U.S. relations, allowing the friction to ferment. One cannot hold an unrealistic fantasy either. The strategic issue between China and U.S. is very deep. One can only find the answers slowly.”

Source: Global Times, July 4, 2017