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Chinese Rights Lawyers Commemorate the “July 9 Mass Arrest of Rights Lawyers”

On July 9, Epoch Times published an article discussing how Chinese lawyers from different regions have used many diverse ways to show their support in commemorating the “July 9 Massive Arrest of Rights Lawyers” which took place two years ago. Lawyers from Guangzhou have used candles and white paper. One rights lawyer from Shandong Province went on a hunger strike for one day. One lawyer decided to visit another lawyer who was released from the detention center. In addition, the legal community in Hong Kong held a moment of silence that lasted for 7 minutes and 9 seconds, while lawyers from Taiwan issued a statement condemning the persecution of Chinese rights lawyers. July 9, 2017, was proposed to be the first “Chinese Lawyer’s Day.” One rights lawyer told Epoch Times that Chinese rights lawyers will not be suppressed; nor will they back down. They will continue to fight for human rights in China. The article also reported that a few days before July 9, (the authorities) sent a notice to each law firm in China requesting them “not to use the Internet, any media interviews or other channels to discuss anything about the July 9 incident from 2015.”

On July 9, 2015, over one hundred Chinese rights lawyers, human right activists, and petitioners across 23 provinces were arrested and detained. Some of them were beaten and tortured during detention. Even today, a few of the rights lawyers are still in detention.

Epoch Times, July 9, 2017