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Noble Prize Winner Liu Xiaobo Still Wishes to Leave China to Receive Medical Treatment Overseas

According to an article that Radio Free Asia (RFA) published, Nobel Prize winner Liu Xiaobo is in critical condition because he has reached the late stage of liver cancer. Both Liu and his wife have continued to express their wishes to leave China to receive medical treatment overseas. Liu was sent to the hospital from Jinzhou prison where he was serving an 11 year jail sentence. Since June 7, he has been hospitalized at the First Hospital of China Medical University in the city of Shen Yang, Liaoning Province. On June 26, 2017, he was granted medical parole after being diagnosed with terminal liver cancer. The daily updates that the hospital has issued have never mentioned the family’s intent to have him seek treatment overseas. Based on an interview with RFA, a close friend of Liu’s wife told RFA that the official news release from Liu’s family has been strictly controlled by the officials; they could only say whatever the officials wanted them to say. The article also mentioned that Liu’s medical condition took a sharp turn in April after his wife disclosed the latest situation of his family members to him: his wife has been suffering from severe depression and her brother was sentenced to 11 years in jail.

Source: Radio Free Asia, July 7, 2017