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China Proposed Solution for the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict

Well-known Chinese news site Sina recently reported, based on a number of media sources, that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas visited China in the third week of July.  Chinese President Xi Jinping proposed China’s solution to the Middle-East conflicts. Xi described China’s Four-Point Proposal, which includes the Two-Nation political solution, a common, comprehensive, cooperative and sustainable security stand, an extended and coordinated international push for peace, as well as a Palestinian-Israeli joint effort for economic development that assists political negotiations for peace. Xi also called for a swift start of the China-Palestine-Israel Three-Way Dialogue to coordinate and push forward the critical projects for aid to Palestine. Palestine is part of China’s “The Belt and Road” grand plan. Abbas confirmed the “real gold” friendship with China, praised the Chinese peace proposal and promised an active Palestinian participation in The Belt and Road movement.

Source: Sina, July 19, 2017