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BBC Chinese: China’s Internet Censorship Just Banned WhatsApp

BBC Chinese recently reported that netizens inside China discovered WhatsApp’s audio, video, and image capabilities have been blocked. As of July 19, short text information could still go thru. These were the same symptoms before Google and Gmail were fully banned in China. WhatsApp is the world’s most popular messaging app, claiming a user base over one billion as of February, 2016. China, with the largest scale of Internet censorship, has so far banned nearly all of the world’s most widely used social media and communications apps, including Facebook, Twitter, Google (and its various apps), Instagram, and YouTube. China has just announced the ban of the Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology altogether. In the meantime, it tightened up the content level control on unbanned media for information regarding the passing away of China’s Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Liu Xiaobo.

Source: BBC Chinese, July 19, 2017