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Global Times: China Established New Military Organization for High-Tech Weaponry

Global Times recently reported that, in 2017, as part of the Chinese Defense Technology Innovation Reform, China established a new top-level organization to oversee advanced military technology developments. Modeled after the U.S. DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), the new organization, with the name Military Science Research Committee of the Central Military Commission, was tasked with participating in the programs that develop stealth aircraft and electromagnetic cannons. Along with another organization established earlier, called the Military Technology Committee of the Central Military Commission, the new organization operates at the “top tier” of the military technology and innovation domain. The new committee consists of a wide range of scientists and engineering experts. Many observers expressed the belief that the goal of the new structure is to mimic the U.S. DARPA, with the hope of delivering the same level of fruitful outcome of cutting edge technologies.

Source: Global Times, July 27, 2017