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Xinhua: Iran Went against the U.S. with New Rocket Launch – in Spite of Pressure

Xinhua recently reported that Iran just launched a satellite rocket from its national space center. Reports indicated that the rocket could be used as a means to send a satellite around 250 kilograms into its orbit. The Iranian government explained that Iran itself had fully developed this rocket. The United States, along with other Western countries, has long suspected that Iran was developing missile technologies that can carry nuclear warheads – under the name of making peaceful satellite rockets. The United Nations banned Iran from building such ballistic missiles. On the same day, the U.S. Senate passed a House bill which accused Iran and North Korea of developing ballistic missiles and asked the U.S. government to impose additional sanctions on these two countries. Iran responded by saying it will take whatever steps necessary to deal with this pressure from the U.S. Ever since U.S. President Trump came into power, the U.S. has been pressing Iran using ballistic missiles as the excuse. Iran has been defending its right to develop rocket technology.

Source: Xinhua, July 29, 2017