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Be on Guard against the West’s Insistence on ‘China’s Responsibility’

On August 12, 2011, Xinhua’s International Herald Leader published a commentary titled, “Be on Guard against the West’s Insistence on ‘China’s Responsibility.’” The article started with an apologetic statement that a German commissioner for African Affairs made, saying, “China is not responsible for the famine in the Horn of Africa.” The commentary stated that the West has launched a “media attack,” which is a “soft war,” against China for the purpose of driving China out of Africa. “With the rise and global influence of China, the so-called ‘China’s international responsibility’ has become a new weapon and a new means for the West to suppress China.”

The article acknowledged that “China’s responsibility” has misled some developing countries and created obstacles to China’s international cooperation. Therefore, it suggested that China must seize the earliest opportunity to spread the word in its loudest voice that favors China in the international media, so as to win the world’s understanding.  

Source: International Herald Leader, August 12, 2011