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People Daily: What Is Our Grand Vision for China-Japanese Relations?

Zhao Qizhen, the dean of School of Journalism at People’s University of China wrote an article for People’s Daily (overseas edition) titled “In Our Grand Vision, What Kind of China-Japanese Relations Do We Want?” The author’s question arose from a public opinion poll that indicated the people of both countries had a negative impression of each other. China Daily and Genron NPO of Japan jointly conducted the poll in preparation for the seventh Beijing-Tokyo Forum. According to the poll, 28.6 percent of Chinese had a positive view of Japan, while over 70 percent had a negative view. The Japanese general public’s view toward China was even worse. Only 20.8 percent of respondents said they had a favorable view of China. The author lamented that the poor feelings the two country’s people have toward each other is readily seen and that the fragile relations between them is worrisome. The author stated that Sino-Japanese relations are a manifestation of both countries’ multiple and complex relationship (from ideology to national interests to history) and proposed to develop a relationship from the grand vision. The proposal includes looking into the common interests of both sides; striving to develop common interests and complementing each others economic structure; coordinating the common views of geopolitics; calmly handling territory disputes; and cautiously dealing with unanticipated sudden incidents. At the same time it involves avoiding “abusive language, forceful action, and hard injuries” such as what happened in Japan’s handling of the boat collision incident at the Jiaoyu (Senkaku) islands.

Source: People’s Daily, August 25, 2011