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China News: University Dean Accused of Plagiarism after Copying Students’ Thesis

China News recently reported that Cai Jianchun, Director and Deputy Communist Party Secretary of Zhongshan Hospital at Xiamen University, Executive Deputy Dean of the Xiamen University School of Medicine, and winner of multiple national and provincial awards, was accused of directly copying his graduate students’ thesis for his own doctoral thesis. More than half of Cai’s doctoral thesis (in Polymer Chemistry and Physics) was a word-for-word copy of his students’ graduation thesis. Xiamen University said the university is currently conducting its own internal investigation. Cai also works at Fujian Medical University and some parts of his thesis were copied from students’ work of that University. Fujian Medical University refused to comment on this matter. Reporters have been trying to contact Cai using a number of channels of communication, but they could not reach him. Cai Jianchun is a very well-known oncologist in China.

Source: China News, August 10, 2017