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Pressured By Beijing, Vietnamese Authorities Escalate Abuse of Falun Gong

Radio Free Asia reported that, in recent weeks, under pressure from Beijing, Vietnamese authorities have been escalating their intimidation and abuse of the local Falun Gong community, further intensifying a policy change that began last year. Two Falun Gong practitioners are scheduled to stand trial next week for broadcasting uncensored news to China. Since the end of August, on two occasions, the police have abducted or thugs have assaulted local Falun Gong practitioners while they were practicing their exercises in a park. 

The escalated harassment comes on the heels of direct Chinese Communist Party pressure on the Vietnamese authorities. According to a court indictment, the Vietnamese government arrested the men after a diplomatic memo was sent on May 30, 2010, from the Chinese Embassy to Vietnam’s Ministry of Investigation and Security. “The memo stated that the Police Department in China discovered radio signals coming from Vietnamese territory containing the same content about Falun Gong as heard on the ‘Sound of Hope’ radio station.” The indictment reads, “It was recommended that all … activities of Falun Gong individuals in the Vietnam territory must be attacked and stopped.”
Source: Radio Free Asia, October 5, 2011