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Guangming: The U.S. Should Forget about Ideology and Focus on Its Own Interests

The State media Guangming Daily published an article on its website urging the U.S. to focus on its own interests, rather than on ideology, when dealing with China. It observed that the U.S. would like to see other economies in a strong recovery so as to lead the world economy out of recession. “China is exactly such an economy, and is probably the only economy that can do the job.” It warned that the U.S. is playing with a boomerang with the Chinese currency exchange issue and could end up harming its own economy if it is not careful. “The Sino-US relationship is not based on ideology but respective self-interest. … The normal approach to expanding the bilateral relationship is not to allow ideology to hinder our views, but to play the game based on the different interests of each party.”

Source: Guangming, October 3, 2011