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International Herald Leader: Do not Forget War

The International Herald Leader, which is under Xinhua News Agency, recently published an article commenting on Japan’s new political position against China. The article referred to the Japanese prime minister’s recent “shocking” comments that suggest that China’s activities in nearby seas were a threat to Japan’s national security. It listed some initiatives that Japan has taken that were unfriendly to China, such as increasing Japanese air force patrols of the East China Sea, joining the push to establish a multi-national framework in the South China Sea, and uniting neighboring countries with “the same value system.” The article alluded to Japan’s long history of invading other countries with no intention of offering sincere apologies. The author stated that China values peace but is not afraid of war. He called for establishing a grand and strong Chinese navy and remembering the fact that China must increase its readiness for war.

Source: Xinhua, October 21, 2011