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Guangming Daily: Unbelievably Young Government Officials

Guangming Daily, a Beijing City based national newspaper, recently reported on two “very interesting” items that Xinhua news had published. One was about Huang Hua, the Deputy County Chief of Zhidan County, Shanxi Province; another was about Tian Gengwen, a member of the Communist Party Standing Committee of Xunyi County, Shanxi Province. The reporter did some calculations based on statements in Xinhua news and concluded that Mr. Huang must have started primary school at the age of 3 and Mr. Tian must have graduated from college at the age of 16. The report called both “Child Prodigies.” The reporter tried to contact the two individuals for an explanation of their resumes, but had no success. The article called for honesty, openness, and transparency in the government’s handling of its disclosure of information about government officials.

Source: Guangming Daily, October 22, 2011