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China Must Endure and Go Through Diplomatic Embarrassment

Huanqiu (Global Times) published a commentary on China’s difficult situation in deciding on its diplomatic stance on Iran’s nuclear issues because China is in the awkward position of being unable to support or oppose any international resolution to punish Iran. The article depicts such a situation as China’s diplomatic “embarrassment,” which happens whenever there is a serious international conflict.

The article explained that China is a country with two identities. First, China is a “developing country” and must give the priority to its actual interests. Second, China is a country with a different political system and ideology from Western countries, but is, at the same time, also a part of the global economic community and must highly cooperate with Western countries. Because Western countries overall are still much stronger [than china], China cannot fight against them [yet].

The article asks the Chinese public to understand the difficult situation and shoulder together as a nation some inevitable loss. The article also declared that “China’s rise will not be a smooth march all the way, … but the diplomatic ‘embarrassment’ will not stay with China forever. It is just a special situation during this period of time. China must ‘endure’ to get beyond it.”

Source: Huanqiu, November 10, 2011