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China and Pakistan Start Two-Week Joint Anti-Terrorism Military Drill

On November 14, 2011, China and Pakistan started a two-week joint anti-terrorism military exercise in Pakistan. The drill, which will end on November 27, 2011, is called “Friendship 2011.” China has sent 260 soldiers including special forces and army aviation helicopters to the drill site, while Pakistan has sent 230 Pakistani soldiers including special forces, helicopters, and fighter jets to participate in the drill.

“This joint drill is being conducted in six steps, namely ‘intelligence and information exchange, long range maneuvers, the establishment of a joint command system, adaptability training, comprehensive training, and theoretical discussions.’"

“This is the 4th anti-terrorism joint training drill that the Chinese and Pakistani armies have held with the aim of improving the two militaries’ capability to deal jointly with non-traditional security threats.”

Source: Xinhua, November 14, 2011