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Xinhua: What Is Behind the High Profile U.S. Return to the Asia Pacific?

Xinhua published an article asking, “Recently, the U.S. has been making high profile announcements that this is “America’s Pacific century,” and claims to be returning to the Asia Pacific region. What is its true strategic intention?”

Huai Chenbo, a scholar at the Center for World Affairs of the Xinhua News Agency, stated that, when the U.S. claims to be a leader in the Asia Pacific, it is actually targeting China. The U.S. does not hide its strategic intention or its arrangements. As China rises and China’s relationship with ASEAN countries grows closer, the U.S. feels China is increasingly becoming a threat to its hegemony. Therefore, the purpose of the U. S.’ strategic move eastward is to contain China and neutralize China’s development.

Peng Guangqian, deputy general secretary of the China Policy Science Research Institute, believes that the U.S. is speeding up the implementation of its military strategy to target China. The intention is to contain any potential opponent that can challenge the U.S. and thus maintain its global hegemony. Huai believes that the U.S. military deployment in Australia appeared to be an independent event, but it is actually part of the whole plan of moving to the East.

Source: Xinhua, November 16, 2011