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Attack of Taiwan Student’s Protest Is Example of Mainland Threat to Democracy and Security in Taiwan

According to an article that Duowei News published on September 25, National Taiwan University rented out its track field for an event called Sing! China – – Shanghai Taipei Concert, a cultural exchange program set up between the mainland and Taiwan. During the preparations, the field was damaged. A group of students from National Taiwan University went to the university track field to protest the Sing! China – Shanghai Taipei Concert.  The students planned to seek repairs of the damage  to the track field and to question the approval process of renting the university venue to a third party. At the scene, members of the pro-mainland Unionist Party physically attacked them. The protest turned into a bloody sight. Police arrived 40 minutes after the initial phone call and several students were hospitalized.

The incident that took place at National Taiwan University concerned people who recognized that the Chinese Communist Party controlled the local gang members who carried out the action. They observed that the concert has become part of the mainland’s United Front effort in Taiwan. In a news article Taiwan Central News Agency reported that the police department launched an investigation into incident at National Taiwan University. The article also stated that the police department arrested a few gang members who participated in political protests using certain political groups as a cover. In a separate article, Taiwan United Daily News reported that a group under the mainland’s Taiwan Affairs Office is alleged to have hired gang members to execute plans to attack democracy in Taiwan. The Minister of the Interior vowed that such an espionage effort would not be tolerated in Taiwan.

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