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Chinese Scholar Predicts that, in 20 Years, the World Will Be Only China and a Foreign Country

Jin Canrong, who is Vice President and Professor at the Institute of International Relations at Renmin (People’s) University of China, published an article in Global Times (Huanqiu) claiming that, in 20 years, China will rise to be “tops” in the world.
Jin stated that China has completed the necessary reforms and a revolution of the social structure for industrialization. He said, based on the current growth rate, that in 10 years the scale of China’s manufacturing industry will exceed the sum of the U.S., Japan, and the E.U.  In 20 years, from the perspective of the manufacturing industry, the world may only have two “countries.” One will be China; the other will be a “foreign country.” Furthermore, China’s scale will be greater than the “foreign country.”

In conclusion, he pointed out that after the success of industrialization, China’ interest in globalization and global governance will increase. Especially in 2016 at the G20 summit in Hangzhou, China proposed “China programs” on many international issues. Therefore, it is reasonable to say that China is gradually moving towards a complete modernization.

Source: Duowei News, September 19, 2017