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U.S.- Indian Policy Targets China

The International Herald Leader under Xinhua reported, when commenting on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s announcement of a “US-India 3.0” relationship, that government think tanks have published that the U.S. is improving its relationship with India in order to contain China, .

The article of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences states, “The China factor is very obvious” in the 2005 ‘New Framework in the India-U.S. Defense Relationship’ between the United States and India. “Both countries feel an inexplicable but obvious insecurity toward the growth of China.” The article cites U.S. media on China’s building a nuclear submarine in Sanya, Hainan, Indian and western media on China’s involvement in Sri Lanka’s Hambantota Port, and on Chinese naval ships escorting merchant ships in the Indian Ocean earlier this year.

Source: International Herald Leader, June 22, 2009