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Qiushi: China Is the Largest Democracy in the World Today

Qiushi {Seeking Truth}, the Chinese Communist Party’s theoretical periodical, published an article claiming China is the largest democratic country in the world. Below are some key points from the article:

• The West uses a “non-democratic” mark to label China’s socialist system, devaluing or even demonizing China’s political and economic system and its development achievements. As the most populous country in the world, China is the largest democracy in the world today.

• The West has no right to monopolize the standard for the “democratic state.” The essence of contemporary Western political discourse is that it is trying to establish Western democracy as the only “legitimate” form of democracy. Westerners deliberately refuse to apply the democratic form to contemporary {communist} China despite its own democratic pluralism.

• Western democracy is not as radiant as Westerners portray.

• China is steadily moving toward a new realm of people’s democracy. Socialist democracy with Chinese characteristics is the broadest, most authentic, and most effective democracy that upholds people’s fundamental interests and constantly shows its authenticity, effectiveness, and superiority.

Source: Sina, November 11, 2017