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Duowei: The CCP Intends to Export China Model to the World

On November 24, the second volume publication symposium on “Xi Jinping Talks about State Administration” was held in Beijing. The Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) new chief of propaganda and ideology, Wang Huning, and the Minister of the Central Propaganda Department, Huang Kunming, attended the meeting. Wang Huning defined Xi Jinping Thought as “original and contemporary Chinese Marxism in the 21st century.” Wang also gave Xi Jinping Thought a certain kind of universalist aura except for stressing that it should be used to arm the CCP.

Wang praised the essay book of Xi Jinping Thought, saying it, “fully embodies China’s wisdom and China’s plan to promote the cause of building a community of shared human destiny while contributing to the cause of mankind’s peace and development and … guiding the forward direction of advancing a better future for mankind.” Wang also demanded that the “(CCP) deepen the spread of propaganda to the world and enhance the international community’s understanding of Xi Jinping’s socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era.”

Source: Duowei, November 25, 2017