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Xinhua: Sansha City Is Not a Flower Trellis on Show for the Philippines and Vietnam

Huanqiu, a publication under Xinhua, published a commentary on the Philippines and Vietnam’s protests following the inaugural ceremony for Sansha City, Hainan Province. The commentary observed that Chinese media essentially ignored the two countries’ protests. The Chinese mentality, in general, is "I will enjoy going my own way no matter what you do or feel.”

The commentary stated, “[China as] a big country should act as such. There is no need to practice verbal sparring with the Philippines and Vietnam. Action is our real language. What China’s position on the South China Sea means and how the Philippines and Vietnam should deal with China in the South China Sea should all be understood from our actions, in addition to what we tell them.”

“The Philippines and Vietnam’s responses are not worthy of our real-time tracking. If they have a general knowledge of what’s going on, that is sufficient. Sansha City should seek its own development, becoming a real prefectural city, not a flower trellis that is on show for the Philippines and Vietnam."

“Regarding the friction and conflict in East Asia as well as in the world, China should also gradually change from asking others what to do to actively taking the initiative on our own. That way, we would not have much of a burden and would be much more relaxed.”

Source: Huanqiu, July 25, 2012.