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Beijing Police Chief: Strike Hard against Online Political Rumors and Attacks on the Current Regime

Between the end of July and August 31, 2012, Beijing City will launch a summer Internet environment remediation campaign. According to Fu Zhenghua, the head of Beijing’s Public Security Bureau, actions involving use of the Internet to traffic prohibited goods, to manufacture and spread political rumors, and to attack the Party and government leaders as well as the current regime will be subject to a harsh crackdown.

The police force has set up Internet law enforcement accounts at 239 major Beijing based websites. Reportedly, 3,916 web related violations have been uncovered and 5,007 suspects have been arrested. Fu also emphasized that websites that regularly disseminate harmful information will be put on a “black list,” and that 110  reporting icons (phone numbers for reporting to the police) should be set up on major microblogging sites,

Source: Jinghua Daily, reprinted on Xinhua, July 26, 2012