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Major General Jin Yinan: China Will Not Stand on the Sidelines If Trump Starts a War on the Korean Peninsula

Chinese Major General Jin Yinan was a guest at the military forum “National Defense Space” on The Voice of China {a radio station} talking about the recent North Korean intercontinental missile launch and the US-Korea joint military exercises. Jin stated that China’s “double suspension” proposal {suspending nuclear testing and suspending U.S. military exercises} is still the most effective way to solve the North Korean nuclear issue.

Jin said, “The pressure for war is getting more and more intense, but the reasons for a war show it is not as imminent as those who control the situation may believe. … The double suspension is the best way for both parties to cool down first, lowering the temperature first, and then starting to negotiate. A good initiative is not accepted by everyone at once. With the passage of time, it’s more apparent that the “double suspension” that China proposed is the only clear-cut way to solve the issue of the Korean Peninsula peacefully.”

Jin also repeated Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi‘s statement that, ‘China will never allow anyone to fight at the door of China and will never allow anyone to mess up Asia.” He said, “This is not just because of our attitude, but also because of the maintenance of regional security for which we must be responsible, which is backed by our strength. Therefore, this war is by no means an issue of whether we should stand on the sidelines; it is by no means a matter of persuading the other side not to fight. You (think) you can strike according to your wishes. If you start the war I can tell you that we will never just stand by.”

Source: Wenxuecity, December 7, 2017