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Duowei: The World Has Undervalued the Big World Event: Chinese Communist Party “Meeting” Global Political Dignitaries

Duowei, a Beijing controlled Chinese media based overseas, published a report discussing the “High-level Dialogue between the CCP and the World’s Political Parties” that was held in Beijing. The article stated that the meeting is undoubtedly of vital importance to both China and the rest of the world. From a historical perspective, this will be a hallmark of the modernization of China’s politics. (It signals that) China has once again entered a historic period of disseminating political civilization to the outside world, (just like what took place) in the advanced and prosperous history of China in eras such as the Han and Tang Dynasties.

The article claimed, “In the phrase ‘High-level Dialogue between the CCP and the World’s Political Parties,’ the ‘Communist Party of China’ is in parallel with the ‘world’s political parties,’ indicating that this is a platform where the CCP serves as the main player to connect with global politics. The first CCP and World Dialogue was held in September 2014, when more than 60 former dignitaries, experts, and scholars from more than 30 countries participated in the conference with Chinese representatives. This time, more than 200 leaders of political parties and political organizations from more than 120 countries signed up for the conference. This is the first multilateral diplomatic event that the CCP has organized since the 19th National Congress of the CCP. It is the first time that the CCP has held high-level dialogues with all kinds of political parties in the world. It is also the most attended dialogue meeting to include the leaders of global political parties. Although the Western media have not given the event enough attention, the positive response of many countries and politicians clearly shows that the achievements of the CCP’s administration, especially in the past few years, have been recognized very widely. This will be an event that will be written into the book of world history.”

Source: Duowei, December 2, 2017