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North Korea to Detonate Oversize Atomic Bomb on the Border of North East China

On January 28, 2013, published an article titled “North Korea’s Heartless Treatment of China: To Detonate Over-sized Atomic Bomb on the Border of North East China.”

On January 22, the UN Security Council unanimously adopted resolution 2087 condemning North Korea’s long-range rocket launch last December as a violation of an existing ban against nuclear and missile activity. In response, North Korea announced plans for a third nuclear test and continued its rocket launches. North Korea may detonate an oversized atomic bomb, an “enhanced atomic bomb” that is equivalent to a small hydrogen bomb. The Chinese people are afraid that North Korea will detonate this extra large atomic bomb on the border of North East China in a densely populated area. 

The article concluded, “China has made national sacrifices for Korea three times and provided huge assistance to North Korea for a long period of time. It is definitely unwise and heartless for North Korea to treat China in such a way.”

Source:, January 28, 2013