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Study Times: Improving the Government’s Abilities in the Online Community

Study Times, a magazine by the Chinese Communist Party Central Party School, recently published an article that made four suggestions on how to improve the government’s ability to manage the Internet community. (1) The government should take full advantage of the heavy interconnectivity nature that the Internet offers so as to strengthen the ties between the Party, the government, and the people. (2) The Internet’s high speed communication capability provides a good opportunity for the Party and the government to improve productivity and the level of democracy in their decision-making practices. (3) By taking advantage of the virtualized nature of the online society, the people can better see the Party and the government’s use of power. This in turn enhances the legitimacy of the government. (4) The Party and the government can influence, regulate, and manage public opinion online and thereby improve their appeal. The article concluded that the Internet is an opportunity instead of a challenge.
Source: Study Times, January 21, 2013