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RFA: Formal Twitter Software Engineer Pressed to Spy while Visiting China

According to an article Radio Free Asia published, the Chinese Public Security Bureau asked a formal Twitter software engineer, while he was visiting his family, to provide twitter code technology in order to monitor twitter contents. Fearing for his safety, on February 22, the formal Twitter employee tweeted several times using the @eddiex account before and after his meeting with the bureau officers and asked his friends to let more people know about his situation. The tweets showed that the Public Security Bureau told him that the type of meeting is a routine meeting that applies to all who have studied and worked in the U.S. They expressed interest in his work experience at Twitter and the coding technology and asked for his cooperation for the sake of “China’s national interest.” The software engineer turned down the requests and said he needs to consult his lawyer. He suspected that he was followed the entire time during his visit in China. Some of his tweets were since deleted. He also turned down an interview with Radio Free Asia and hoped to move beyond the whole situation peacefully. The RFA article reported that it is likely that he and his family could be under tremendous pressure from the Chinese authorities.

Source: Radio Free Asia, February 23, 2018