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Duowei: China’s State Media Comments on U.S. Sanctions Proposal against North Korea

Duowei reported that, after the U.S. Treasury Department recently announced its program to institute, “the largest sanctions against the DPRK in history,” the Chinese government media (Xinhua) published an article commenting that the sanctions that the United States imposed are inappropriate and that the United States has the aim of safeguarding Washington’s dominance over the Korean Peninsula issue. However, the unilateral strengthening of sanctions will only make the situation more complicated and cause negative effects.

This is the (Xinhua) issue: The article, entitled “The Heaviest Sanctions in History, which the United States Imposed, Are Not Appropriate,” points out that since the start of this year, North Korea and South Korea have taken the opportunity of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics to resume a dialogue, to seek cooperation; as a result the situation has seen a rare easing. However, the “long-arm” sanctions that the United States has imposed, have shown the U.S.’s always arrogant attitude and have also shown how the United States is playing an inharmonious and destructive role. The article mentions that it is incontrovertible that Washington’s intensification of sanctions on the ebb of the peninsula tensions will have a negative effect on the situation on the peninsula. Strengthening sanctions is inconsistent with the UN Security Council’s resolution to promote the fundamental spirit of peace talks and cannot close the differences between the two countries as a prerequisite for dialogue and appeal. The commentary pointed out: Not only does North Korea not accept the aggressive posture of the United States, but it also will not solve any substantive issue.

Source: Duowei, February 24, 2018