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CRN: China’s Strategy Seen in the BRICS Leadership Summit

China Review News (CRN) recently published a commentary analyzing China’s new strategy as an emerging world power. The author suggested that, although the “old-fashioned” world powers still enjoy a relatively strong economic base, they are apparently suffering a major slow-down in economic development. The commentary expressed the belief that these “old-powers” are deeply concerned about the emerging countries led by the BRICS group. The U.S. is demonstrating a divide-and-conquer strategy by luring emerging nations like India and South Korea to join the TTP. Although the trade relationship with Russia and India still has a lot of issues, China’s strategy seems to be to engage itself more deeply, nonetheless. The commentary called for taking full advantage of the BRICS framework to work on stronger cooperation among emerging markets for maximized economic and political power as a united body.
Source: China Review News, March 29, 2013