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Chinese Media Pounding Heavily on Apple

Hua Shang News recently reported that, in the past couple of weeks, major Chinese media channels have been pounding heavily on Apple’s public image. The report accumulated repeated coverage by People’s Daily and Chinese Central Television (CCTV) on the quality of Apple’s customer service. Xinhua also reported on this topic. Key claims of these media reports are that Apple discriminates against Chinese consumers, has an arrogant attitude, evades taxes, refuses media investigations, and is breaking Chinese warranty laws. The massive media coverage triggered widespread discussions in the Chinese online community which included many different opinions. On March 27, Apple reportedly adjusted its Chinese warranty policies on its official website. Unconfirmed rumors suggested that this was one response to the recently imposed restrictions on U.S. government procurement policies against Chinese communications equipment vendor Huawei.
Hua Shang News, March 30, 2013
Global Times, March 30, 2013