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Global Times: China Builds BDStar Ground Stations in Pakistan

Global Times recently reported that the Beijing BDStar Navigation Technology Company is building ground stations in Pakistan to better support the BDStar (also known as Beidou) Satellite Navigation System. BDStar is the Chinese satellite global positioning system, intended as a competitor to the U.S. GPS system. The BDStar system has been adopted by Thailand, Laos, Brunei, and Myanmar. Pakistan will be the fifth country in Asia to adopt it. Pakistani military experts expressed the belief that the Chinese system will play a significant role in improving military navigation capabilities and missile accuracy. Nuclear deterrent capability enhancements and the new submarine positioning service are also in the plan. The BDStar is also expected to be implemented in civilian functions such as agriculture, aviation, transportation, and mapping, as well as disaster prevention and mitigation. Agreements for the wide deployment of the BDStar system are expected to be signed when China’s Premier visits Pakistan on May 22 and 23.
Source: Global Times, May 20, 2013