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A Look at the Global Times’ Editorials on the Trade War with the United States

• 社评:如果美国都亏了,世界还有谁是赚的2018-04-05
• Editorial: If Even the United States Has Been Losing Money, Then Who Else Is Making Money? 04/05/2018

• 社评:中国重拳回击,美方带着痛苦反思吧2018-04-04
• China Fights Back with Heavy Fists; Let the U.S. Reflect on Its Pain 04/04/2018

• 社评:反击美方新攻势,专找它的七寸打2018-04-04
• Counterattack the U.S. New Offensive Move; Hit It Where It Hurts the Most 04/04/2018

• 社评:立威被北京戳破,华盛顿应该反思2018-04-04
• Beijing Pricked the (U.S.) Power Display; Washington Should Rethink (Its Actions) 04/04/2018

• 社评:美企在华分公司是美出口统计灯下黑2018-04-03
• U.S. Export Statistics Overlooked the Sales at the China Branches of U.S. Companies  04/03/2018

• 社评:中国报复美加征关税落下实锤2018-04-02
• China Punches Back against U.S. Customs. Tariffs are at the Center of the Target 04/02/2018

• 社评:华盛顿有“知识产权遭侵犯”妄想症2018-03-30
• Washington Is Paranoid about “Infringements on Intellectual Property Rights” 03/30/2018

• 社评:加拿大被揪耳朵上台为美国捧哏2018-03-30
• Canada Was Forced to the Stage to Sing with the United States 03/30/2018

• 社评:美方作用力越大,中方反作用力越强2018-03-28
• The Greater the U.S. Forces, the Stronger the Chinese Counter Forces 03/30/2018