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China Review News: The Philippines Sets an Example for ASEAN Countries of How to Balance China-U.S. Relations

China Review News, one of China’s state controlled media in Hong Kong, published an article to propose that the countries of ASEAN (The Association of Southeast Asian Nations) should follow the Philippine’s example in balancing China-U.S. relations, which is to lean towards China. The article said, “Southeast Asian countries are under increasing pressure due to geopolitical competition between China and the United States. They must choose between China’s economic advantages and the U.S. security umbrella. However, the Philippines may be showing other countries the way out of this dilemma.”

The article referred to a New York Times publication to emphasize the point. It said, “So far, Duterte’s strategy (for the Philippines) and its results have shown other countries a “way out” if they have the political courage and domestic support to emulate the Philippines.” “The Philippines suddenly changed from a staunch American ally to a more independent and neutral position between the United States and China. So far, the Philippines has benefited from better relations with China. At the same time, it has maintained military relations with the United States, although its relations are not as firm as they were previously.”

Source: China Review News, April 5, 2018