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BBC Chinese: Chad Put Chinese Oil Prospecting Operations on Hold

BBC Chinese recently reported that the government of the Republic of Chad ordered a pause in the oil prospecting work contracted to the China National Petroleum Corporation (PetroChina). Chad’s Minister of Energy and Oil, Djerassem Le Bemadjiel, suggested at a press conference that the government stopped the operations in the Koudalwa Oil Field (200 kilometers south of the capital city of N’Djamena) after an environmental protection law compliance inspection. The Minister said the Chinese company intentionally performed drilling without the use of required spill clean-up equipment in order to cut the cost. Afterwards the company ordered the local workers to clean the spill without proper protection. The Chad government did not provide a date when the work can resume. PetroChina started oil prospecting work in Chad in 2009.
Source: BBC Chinese, August 13, 2013