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People’s Daily: Chinese Leadership Structure Better than the U.S. Presidency

People’s Daily recently published a commentary by Professor Hu Angang, Dean of the Institute of China Studies at Tsinghua University. The commentary suggested that the Chinese “joint leadership” structure is more innovative than and superior to the U.S. Presidency coupled with the “dual-party system.” Hu indicated that the U.S. system suffers from a loose organizational structure of political parties, poor mobilization of capabilities, weak political solidarity, a low level of wisdom integrated into its decision-making, and hollow promises made by lying candidates. The U.S. system guarantees ignorance of substantive issues and maximizes delays. The U.S. political structure not only ensures a balance of power, but also introduces mutual constrains and a divided country. The President is often unable to deliver on his promises, as clearly demonstrated by President Obama, who frequently lacks Congressional support. Hu expressed the belief that the 200-year-old U.S. design is largely outdated, while the Chinese Communist Party is structured based on the lessons learned in recent human history, which has been highly competitive. 
Source: People’s Daily, August 16, 2013