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CRN: Japan Arranged a Maritime Countries Conference

China Review News (CRN) recently reported that Japan organized a conference officially called, “Supporting Emerging Maritime Countries in Building Capacity.” The Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs arranged and headed the conference. Thirteen countries attended, including key Southeast Asian countries like the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia. CRN also published a commentary suggesting that Japan is apparently establishing a strategy against China to encircle it. Ever since Abe became the Japanese Prime Minister, Japan has been actively developing this strategy. First Japan wholeheartedly supported the U.S. strategy of its “Return to Asia.” Then the Japanese special envoy visited South Korea to repair their relationship. After that, Japan implemented a number of pro-Taiwan policies to further divide the Mainland and Taiwan. A number of strategic moves have also been implemented recently to engage ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) as well as Australia and India. Significant new military spending has been added to Japan’s 2014 budget. The commentary calls Japan a “trouble-maker.”
Source: China Review News, October 20, 2013