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Qiushi: Universal Values and Constitutional Democracy Would Confuse the People’s Minds

On October 16, 2013, Qiushi Theory, a periodical on political theory that the Chinese Communist Party Central Party School and the CCP Central Committee run jointly, published an article titled, “Consolidate the Common Ideological Basis that the Party and the People share in their Concerted Struggle.” The common ideological basis at the present time, according to the article, is to walk on the socialist path with Chinese characteristics toward the goal of the rejuvenation of China under the sole leadership of the Chinese Communist Party.

The article criticized several popular Western ideological trends that would “confuse the people’s minds” and “crumble the common ideological basis of the Party and the people in their concerted struggle.” The "wrong ideas" listed in the article include “universal values,” “constitutional democracy,” “historical nihilism,” “neoliberalism,” the doubts about “the economic reform and opening up to the world,” and “the socialist nature of socialism with Chinese characteristics.”

Source: Qiushi Theory, October 16, 2013