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Xinhua: Chinese Foreign Aid Program Performs Outstandingly û Ahead of the U.S.

Xinhua recently reported that, in the recent disaster, China did not provide swift aid to the Philippines, while the U.S. military delivered immediate help in a very short period of time and on a large scale. However, the report suggested that this was an isolated case since the Chinese military does not yet have the capacity to provide such a level of aid and the Philippines might not welcome the Chinese military on their land anyway. The United States was just taking the opportunity to demonstrate its commitment to an ally that is important to the U.S. Asian strategy. China’s global aid program does not focus on natural disasters. Instead, the Chinese foreign aid program provides assistance to other nations’ development plans. China has been doing much better than the U.S. in areas such as offering low-interest or no-interest loans and building basic infrastructure in developing countries.
Source: Xinhua, November 14, 2013