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BBC Chinese: IKEA Gave More Aid to the Philippines than China Did

BBC Chinese recently reported that China only provided minimal aid to the Philippines after that nation was hit hard by typhoon Haiyan. China’s commitment on aid totaled US$2 million. The United States promised US$20 million plus military missions involving an aircraft carrier fleet. Japan promised US$10 million in aid plus military help. Australia committed US$28 million. Even the popular furniture retailer IKEA donated US$2.7 million to the victims. China complained that China was hurt by the same typhoon as well. The Chinese government received mixed comments in the media. Singapore researcher Zhen Yongnian suggested that China is far behind the United States in terms of “soft power.” Some Chinese netizens even commented that the Chinese government was better to the Philippines than to its own people.
Source: BBC Chinese, November 14, 2013