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Outlook Weekly: Tit for Tat Against Trade Protectionism

China should proactively strive for fair treatment, tit for tat, says Outlook Weekly a publication under Xinhua. The statement was made in reference to an October 8 letter from the U.S. Alliance for American Manufacturing to U.S. trade officials that the Chinese government spends billions of dollars subsidizing the glass industry’s energy costs. The contract to manufacture blast-resistant glass for the new World Trade Center’s first 20 stories was awarded earlier this year to a Chinese company that underbid U.S. competitors. Song, director of a government think tank, the Institute of World Economics and Politics at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences is worried, “The U.S. has set a bad example and other countries will follow suit.” Song recommended enforcing and expanding diplomatic and cultural ties to reduce trade friction to the maximum extent.

Source: China News Service, October 20, 2009