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Qiushi: The Root Cause of the Chaos in Ukraine

On March 25, Qiushi published a commentary on the root cause of the chaos in Ukraine. The first reason is that “[Western] liberalism wantonly invaded [Ukraine], splitting Ukraine in the name of ‘freedom,’ and causing ordinary citizens to be unable to tell friends from foes.” The commentary also cited regional cultural differences, rampant corruption, and an unsuccessful “grafting” of the Western political system. 

However, “the ultimate cause of the unrest in Ukraine is that the European Union, the United States, and Russia compete for dominance over Ukraine.” Europe, once it controlled Ukraine, it would have leverage against China and Russia. The reason the United States competes for Ukraine is to squeeze Russia’s strategic space, block the Eurasian connection, and interrupt the Eurasian Silk Road that China has proposed. With respect to Russia, if it were to lose Ukraine to the West, it would lose the largest of the countries within the Commonwealth of Independent States; it would lose its last political strategic protective buffer. 

Source: Qiushi, March 25, 2014