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Chinese Expert: The United States Must Give China an Explanation for Its Attack on Huawei

China’s State media started a fresh round of media attacks on U.S. Internet monitoring following Snowden’s recent disclosure that the U.S. National Security Agency invaded the headquarters of the Chinese company Huawei’s server and monitored the communications of Huawei’s senior management. One of the articles demanded that the U.S. give China an explanation of the [Internet] invasion and suggested that the Chinese government use its national power to counter the U.S. Internet infiltration activity. Below are some quotes from the article:

"This event is an alarming signal for China. The American [Internet] invasion of China, its monitoring capabilities, and the depth and scope of their infiltration are far beyond what we could imagine. Huawei is just the tip of the iceberg, just one of the victims of China’s information system penetrated by the United States. If even China’s powerful high-tech enterprises get hacked, how could China’s Party, the government, the military departments, communications, finance, transportation, energy, broadcasting, and other critical infrastructure prevent the penetration?" 

"The United States made various allegations to Huawei in the past. Now it is clear that it is the thief crying out to stop the thief." 

"The United States has repeatedly argued that its behavior was only to ensure national security. However, it is far beyond the scope of anti-terrorism and security. Its hypocrisy has been fully exposed. The U.S. National Security Bureau’s action against Huawei is code-named ‘attacking the Giants’ (Shotgiant). Its purpose is therefore not defensive, but offensive. It is to ‘shoot and kill’ the Chinese rapidly rising technology giant Huawei." 

"Without the backing of a state’s power … Huawei and other companies would only survive in an extremely unfair development environment. This would severely restrict China’s advance to become a nation of Internet power. " 

"The Chinese government should, through diplomatic, legal, public opinion, and other means, demand that the United States put an immediate stop to its intrusive actions into Chinese enterprises and infrastructures; the government should unite other countries and international organizations at different levels to exert pressure on the United States, prompting the United States to correct its behavior of breaching international norms." 

Source: People’s Daily, March 14, 2014