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Chinese Investment in Australia

In March of 2014, KPMG and the University of Sydney’s China Study Center jointly published the report, "Demystifying Chinese Investment in Australia." The report explores the recent direction of Chinese investment in Australia.

In 2013, Australia lost to the United States as the top destination for Chinese outbound direct investment. The total value of Chinese investments in Australia from 2005 to 2013 was $57,250 million, second to the U.S., which was $59,900 million.

Although Chinese investments in Australia registered a 10 percent decrease in 2013 as compared to 2012, there was a clear shift toward larger numbers of small to medium sized deals having larger shares of private Chinese investors, particularly in the commercial real estate sector.

For the first time, Chinese investments in Australia were not concentrated in the mining sector. Instead the power transmission industry dominated with the State Grid deal accounting for 40 percent of the total investment value in 2013, followed by mining (24 percent), gas (21 percent), commercial real estate (14 percent) and agribusiness (1 percent).

Source: "Demystifying Chinese Investment in Australia," March 2014 Update.