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Fan Changlong to Chuck Hagel: Your Remarks in Japan Really Upset the Chinese People

While meeting U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, China Central Military Committee Vice Chairman Fan Changlong shared his response to Secretary Hagel’s recent remarks made in Japan:

Secretary Hagel recently made some remarks. We, the Chinese people, are upset [with those remarks]. On the Diaoyu Islands issue, the U.S. has repeatedly said that the U.S. does not choose sides. It is puzzling that Mr. Secretary has publicly welcomed Japan to lift the ban on collective self-defense and has encouraged and supported Japan. It is the Philippines that invaded the South China Sea islands and reefs, but Mr. Secretary defends the Philippines and accuses China. 
Now there are people provoking us in the areas surroundings us. … The Chinese army is prepared to face all kinds of threats and challenges at any time. We will be ready at the first call to fight and [we will] win any battle. 

Source: People’s Daily, April 9, 2014