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Study Times Article on Sino-African Relations

Study Times, a weekly newspaper under the Party School of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party, published an article discussing China’s policies in Africa. The following excerpts contain a few recommendations mentioned in the article.
“What also needs to be incorporated into China’s Africa policies is the enhancement of the voices and the representation of the African countries in international organizations so they can play their roles in the international community. For example, China should make its position clear in supporting African countries to join the permanent members of the United Nations and to be represented in the IMF and the World Bank. This is not only a crucial means of balancing the global power structure, but an important manifestation of China’s responsibility to Africa.”
“China has a clear roadmap for Sino-Africa relations. The development of the relationships needs not only a long-term and systematic overall planning and strategic design, but also specific policy measures. The new government has laid out detailed initiatives in this regard. China will continue to expand its investment and financing cooperation with Africa, fulfilling the promise of providing a US$20 billion line of credit to Africa within three years (now increased to US$30 billion), and implementing the ‘partnership with Africa on transnational and trans-regional infrastructure development.’ China will actively implement the ‘African Talent Program’ to train 30,000 professionals from African countries within three years and offer 18,000 government scholarships for African students in China. Through investment, financing, and cooperation, China will encourage Chinese enterprises and financial institutions to be involved in cross-border and trans-regional infrastructure construction and operation management in Africa. China has promised zero tariffs for ninety-seven percent of imports from Least Developed Countries that have established diplomatic relations with China. These measures will be in place by 2015. These concrete initiatives have provided notably favorable conditions for Africa’s infrastructure construction, personnel training, capital accumulation, and trade with China, contributing to closer Sino-Africa relations.”
Source: Study Times, May 26, 2014