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Military Expert: U.S. Military Takes China As Its Combat Opponent in the Asia-Pacific Region

While China and Russia were having the "joint maritime – 2014" military exercise in the East China Sea, the U.S. deployed the RC-135 strategic reconnaissance aircraft to monitor the exercise closely. In an interview with a People’s Daily reporter, military expert Yin Zhuo, Rear Admiral in the PRC Navy, and a committee member of the eleventh Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, said that the U.S. military reconnaissance of China is directly related to preparations for a military fight in the Asia-Pacific rebalancing. 

Yin Zhuo observed that the United States is currently implementing the Asia-Pacific rebalancing strategy. Therefore, the U.S. military is tracking many of China’s main battle weapons and battle platforms closely, from the initial development to the final design. The U.S. is also tracking China’s major military test site and test base, placing them under 24-hour surveillance. The purpose is to obtain relevant data as an element of future combat preparations. 

He also said that the United States is conducting close surveillance while applying military pressure on China. This clearly shows that, in the Asia-Pacific region, the United States is taking China as its combat opponent. 
Yin said that the U.S. reconnaissance of the military exercise is both a challenge and also an important training element for China and Russia. 

Yin pointed out that U.S. electronic surveillance of the Sino-Russian military exercise "presents a good opportunity for us to have a complex electronic environment. We will consider it in the electronic warfare exercise, so that the training environment will be more real and closer to actual combat." 

Source: People’s Daily, May 22, 2014