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China Review News: It Is Urgent for China to Develop an Aggressive Maritime Strategy

On September 4, 2014, China Review News published an editorial commentary titled, “It Is Urgent for China to Develop an Aggressive Maritime Strategy.” The commentary viewed the United States as the top obstructionist hindering China’s rise. “The purpose of the United States’ ‘Return to Asia’ strategy is to counterbalance China in order to ensure the Asia-Pacific security system. To do this, it takes advantage of the disputes between China and its surrounding countries and uses China’s neighboring countries’ forces (to act together to go against China).” The commentary asserted that the United States has constantly been making trouble so as to contain China’s rise and to let China’s neighboring countries rely on US protection. “America’s ‘Return to Asia’ strategy has undoubtedly encouraged China’s neighbors to challenge China more boldly in their maritime disputes and even take risky actions against China.”

The commentary suggested that China should be more aggressive. In the disputes in the South China Sea, “China should target Vietnam as a main breakthrough country. It should increase its efforts to crack down on Vietnam through economic, diplomatic, and other means. Scaring Vietnam can achieve the effect of “striking at the mountain to frighten the tiger.” As for the dispute with Japan on the Diaoyu Islands (Senkaku Islands), the commentary suggests China should use the same aggressive strategy to crack down on Japan so as to scare the Philippines and Vietnam.

Source: China Review News, September 4, 2014